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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2011 6:31am-7:01am EDT

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years both sides show their disagreements even though the two thousand and six london birder a former f.s.b. officer of excited. at a news conference. last peacekeepers in cos of zero hour high alert ethnic tension is served as breakaway republic reaches a boiling point violence broke out recently one possible forcibly seize to serve checkpoints. and when times are hard heritage is in peril the un's head of protecting the world's most precious places an artifact tells our social upheaval is threatening some of our most valuable sites that interview next. you know bocal the you know secretary general it's really great to have you with us
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and i don't know over two centuries ago george byron reflected on athens looting you would think that two centuries later and twenty first century is because we think we're more civilized things are better but are they really better for instance in egypt or libya i would say definitely much much but they're of course a very they're wrecked the comparison says the danger of pain but let me first say that the overall concept the feeling of the necessity to preserve culture. of course it's an old one but at the same time it has the need to have you know reading and meaning so i believe we are very successful on the whole of course you mentioned something. very important from their approach in the plea we see conflicts we see internal. we see.
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very often. such monuments which are on the world carried picture least or even important monuments we try not to see it on the world here if you are being affected by the destroyed or damaged or there are some disputes and of course it's only deplorable that this is happening now or to really want to accentuate alleviate just because it's on everybody's mind right now do you know this for us because sites there have been damaged or bombed from the very first day man for size this of the conflict i have raunch appeals to all the involved parties. i have spoken. then that to nato i care spoken also to be to believe me and so i have appealed to believe in people. to preserve this monument you know after the. end of the conflict we will be sending commissions there but there is
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another aspect also i mean so true in such cases which i think is important apart from their meeting monuments. as an aftermath of of such a conflict it's another tendencies emerging and another i would say very unfortunate it's muddling i will get to that later but i really want to ask you. after something like this happens one joined a call flaked cultural heritage is destroyed or damaged does anyone answer for that is anyone persecuted for that afterwards i could have to say that situations have very different. situations for example in some of the african countries affected by conflict and let me take give you another example of a similar case but rather from some of the mystic point of view of domestic social strife or civil war in fact and this is the democratic republic of congo where we have four they troll parks which i described on the world heritage listing in fact
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they represent an incredible important goal sole. means of securing a biodiversity and players who are trolling the climate change. they're even after and i'm talking particularly of the view i'm going to park early to see in the east part of the country where most of the violence and civil war was waged in the now i hold the situation is of course improving and we could be in the peeling for a long time to the government when they say we. i mean the world heritage committee and also me is there at the general to the government to take concrete measures and now finally this change already together with the prime minister at the very brought them a compromise here. we drafted to draw and plan for preserving of safeguarding of this important them park with all the concrete measures of doing decreasing
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violence for. educating some of the warriors who are there participating going back to educating them and giving them the feeling that preserving it's very important that peace for their own interests to try to interest to reintegrate them in society it's a very complex issue that's why i say that to situations have different and i know that you and you know it's going general always appeals to protect the cultural heritage different countries but just organization actually has to mean its or the arsenal to do it to protect it we don't have we have not because we don't have a book casks or something like that but in very many cases similar cases and in this particular let me just mention haiti because it's a different there but it's once again a natural disaster to be pretty worse effect on the world heritage we work with the partners they put on the few who are in fact intrusted with the
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practical day to day business of per securing. the order and the record structure in the particular country you've mentioned another huge problem which is smuggling them to quit is now some estimates have it that the turnover from smuggling antiquities is almost as big as track trafficking human trafficking and arson arms sales is that really the case you're entirely right that the trafficking of objects of. approach of the nowadays equals the trafficking of put him in being so. drax it's a very alarming new tendency in a situation that we're seeing all over the world. and that's why we are very much committed to strengthening the international cooperation through the one nine hundred seventy in the school convention on the prohibiting the ability to trafficking with cultural objects it's important to secure more ratifications to
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this convention nowadays we have more than one hundred twenty countries that have it here to this convention and there are positive tendencies in the international corporation these last two years some of the countries that represent the biggest markets open or cultural objects like belgium and the netherlands so i have read the fight to the convention literally a year ago we are cooperating fully with the. new also phenomenon with some of the big auction houses i personally visited recently the headquarters of. christie's and we decided to start the cooperation in terms of capacity building of sense of st sensitizing the public opinion all the stakeholders we work with the of course we didn't there probably would be international customs union and i believe that encouraging the international cooperation of of countries by concrete examples
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of returning said objects of. i have felt so personally assisted a very moving ceremony when kennedy returned to my country of origin of all get it twenty one thousand objects exported from the country to can the debt and this return this corporation was based on ninety seven to mexico convention there was no other legal way of for doing it while you sat that major auction houses have been very responsive to your appeal question remains who are the smugglers and where. people who buy those objects well i mean the smugglers are. just saying so out of this a smuggler said i'm doing the smuggling of arms. for human beings and otherwise unfortunately all the illegal trafficking is the most i would say call but i stand there always people on both sides of the who are doing that but the important thing is called
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the countries. of origin to have the means and the only and the capacity to curb this smuggling in on the other side also ethics to have the moral norms also all of the different parts to do it not to do it in fact we have done that we have. drafted a called the very fix. for the a trade that for cultural goods i think this is very important that it's taken on board by all the different and then of course the national legislation to have the respective. interaction of norms international legislations solve that then so smugglers have persecuted impunity in this case is a very bad signal if you think there is a connection between arms sales drug seeking and smuggling antiquities well.
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i think yes we have read legacies in the reports and of course because these are a big money as you said and. very valuable things and as long as there is such an interest in that that there might be only yes what do you think is the money from sales use for it could be used to finance new wars for instance yes i mean like all the you go out there smuggling it's corruption. of course it's also a conflict it's it's horse it's all different kinds of illegal activities but what is most important is the. deprives whole countries of their heritage it deprives people for their identity. after all they they they are all from their identity need i would say a long term perspective on the feelings and culture in these countries you can throw away. tracks you can throw away weapons somewhere but you can't.
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and he's lost in terms of carried pitch enough. you can then find to substitute to buy something for these countries thank you very much for this interview thank you also for this interest. like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just the bell there it's about me too.
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but now. since this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light sleep. well
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to british. it's. happening to the global economy.
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is news of the week's top stories on our team remaining supporters. while this remaining. oil us forces are deeply entrenched. but. remain. as nato seems ahead with putting america. there are security concerns and a call for urgent talks. which feels good neutralize its nuclear arsenal. moscow and london deals before differences with david cameron securing multi-million dollar contracts during the first trip by a british prime minister to russia in six years both sides shelved their disagreements even though the two thousand and six blooded murder of former f.s.b. officer in the southern if it meant go at a news conference. lots peacekeepers impossible parlor as ethnic
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tension and served as breakaway republic the leaches bore the void the violence broke out recently one possible forcibly seized to serbia checkpoints. more news for you in about fifteen minutes time but first sanjay is here with all the latest in sports. thanks for watching the sports and coming up the latest on the russian primarily latest to skara fighting to go three points clear of the. wall there have been victories to england wales in front of the rugby world cup the sides push towards the quarter finals. on its own from home for russia hungary what stands out to the italian. who stopped the russian premier league. are up against at the moment
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a hope and are hoping to get a bit of daylight between themselves and the top of the table but the army men are trying one deal with half time approaching at the moment krugel to go just five minutes well as they need to a level on points with the coffin kids and again through being in a couple of hours time to top eight teams in action today elsewhere in. trouble to grow. big spending and g. eight who are up to four. captain he can offer his last game to read once before retiring to entertain clues to be in the late. yesterday home for nailed the first goal coming just before half time flew dry as new. then netted soon after the break while an injury time spot kick from your mom says yeah i strike sort finish. to nine think keep up their slim chance of finishing the top half of the table at the end of the regular season and that will ensure they
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progress to the championship round by teams would fight for the title and europe i see i told you yesterday volker went up to ten thousand a day. eighty four minutes we're not. playing. premier league third place chelsea travel to ladies manchester united and city to a level on points with united goes to full. time liverpool and sunderland. while yesterday so also is full three applies for aston villa that drew one one with newcastle have its own record is the time when by beating wigan three one on the also when all of the sides nor is just one thank you. now at the rugby world cup there have been wins for england whiles and france today rushing georgia forty one template six tries champagne high pressure ashton touching down twice that. delon armitage. added. with.
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a while to get a much needed win in pool. seventeen ten shane williams only try for the welsh who had lost to south africa last rate and in group a france russia canada forty six points nineteen for their second win of the tournament and club with three tries to get the french. and guessed that i am british the shock of the rugby world cup so far beating try nations champions astride fifteen points to six an opening to go top of say jonathan sexton i'm running a god or kicking two penalties and interest in sex and also landed a drop goal while two james o'connor penalties were all the right to manage on the left without even a losing points. preparing for their second game of the tournament which is against italy in the elson on cheese day and they have been surprised by the amount of local interest i have generated. reports. this is
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russia's main home of the rugby world cup in new zealand a small picture it's time to blame him is located at the top of the sign for england and it's famous for being buffeted from the country's one growing industry . the locals have been doing their best to try and make the players feel at home even going as far as to help out a russian team if they get lost ocean this is a very nice place the locals treat us there will give us lots of support everything is in place to help us prepare properly for the next game was the daily pass and is fairly monotonous but play is an early wake up call followed by training lunch and another session evening that gives the team plenty of three hours to kill however the become fairly adapt to trying to make time fly. low but as i'm sure we do all sorts of things in our spare time we go to the cinema or go for a walk me personally i use my play station all sorts of things which. are certainly
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no burgers and chips for the players at lunch time of course of a given carbohydrate loaded meals to keep them in the best possible shape ahead of their remaining pole matches. however it's almost a relief of the team to leave the hotel and take to the field for practice which for van is the best way to pass the boredom and be anticipation of tuesday's match against italians nelson which surround an hour and a half from their training camp. joint training though we're not in a hotel very much because our schedule is packed and we're travelling to different town for our games so our sporting director trying to use best to help us relax we go to the beach or to a shooting range to release the tension. the russians would receive point to welcome when they finally took to the training pitch around three hundred local farms many of whom have adopted russia's best second team in the tournament turned out to see the best practice which is more spectators and attend some russian
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league matches this support certainly rubbed off from players who were delighted at the turn outs which are social. part of the world cup in new zealand is really something out of the ordinary all eyes are on you here rugby skiing here it's long been part of the culture so every kid in the street cheers even for the underdog teams that's just great. however there was the serious matter of practice of russia's next match against italy getting underway on the twentieth of september and the players have plans to work on ahead of back game following their opening match defeat to the usa. what is really is a fantastic morale boost for the russians the have so many people interested in their every move over here aviva have plenty of really taken to the bears to their hearts and both parties would like nothing more but of russia but again to win this rugby world cup richard r.t. played in new zealand fingers crossed now boxing is multi world champion floyd
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mayweather has beaten victor ortiz with a controversial knockout in las vegas or has appeared to be apologising to the referee for a head when he was floored by mayweather in the fourth round play where they claim the w.b.c. welterweight title what was his fur. by persisting months after coming out of retirement the thirty four year old remains a legion of forty two bags this he's twenty six not can. now the news justin rose is well placed for his first golf title of the year the englishman is four shots clear at the b.m.w. championship in illinois with one round left to play getting off to a solid start with back to back birdies early on. and almost added a third on the seventh hole but the ball just brace a little bit late if you will see just after this nifty chip rosenau has a four shot lead over john send in second victory would ensure the englishman would qualify for the end of season fed ex told championship next week. and britain and i don't look set to retain the vivendi seventy trophy they lead continental europe by
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five points after saturday's play simon dyson and jamie bolton led the way in the first green simms match against nicklaus course material minus zero britain and ireland need just two and a half points from sunday's ten singles matches for victory. and lastly efforts are being made to ensure the junior ice hockey club will cut returns to the russian city of next year and the all star squad from the american east in junior hockey is one taking that skein to attend to siberia and from custer reports. before coming to russia for the in the old girl junior club world cup these guys had never experienced international i saw there were eight teams from just as many countries and that sentiment with e.j. h.e.l. all star squad representing the united states you know hockey is one of the few
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sports that is truly worldwide and in a sport that the united states does not dominate in which most of our professional sports are majority american born players but hockey is one where they have to compete with players from all over the world so for have them have the experience to come in and see how they match up against some of the best from around the world is outstanding well the russian fans were dreaming of a final that would involve their team against the canadians then merican select and their own agenda asser winning two games against teams from latvia and still a bucket the juniors from the states found themselves to be among the favorites to reach the final run them over three on the russians are a lot of sitting on russia. i think we feel pretty good about what we're doing right now our concern earlier where we were we are a team it's starting to come together the boys are starting to gel you know we're getting better every period so we're looking forward to friday night standing in
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their way of the final on friday was the red army title holders of the n.h.l. which is a european junior league originally founded in russia that now encompasses six countries that sask proved to be a near impossible affair for the visitors and there were at least a couple of reasons for that firstly the russians were a bike. far more experienced on the international scene with scenes roster boasting a couple of under twenty world champions and secondly the local site had a huge advantage with nine thousand fans cheering on the red army our guys never played in front of a crowd like that let alone a crowd that was certainly not on our side which is awesome you know it's again it's the like we've been saying every day this was an experience that our guys will never forget and they certainly won't now the russia us decider ended in favor of the hole and see which went on to win the inside certain amount though the americans failed to go all the way they and the rest of the visiting clubs gate's
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invaluable experience here in siberia it's exciting every week for the same teams all year long it's great you know here no points and it's national i've never played in history experience for me personally you know i guess that's why i really stand for and i will be writing the i.i.h.f. when i return back to the states to let them know that myself and usa hockey would be tremendous supporters of this event continuing to go on and certainly one very my heart if it was here in almost every year because we've just had an unbelievable time well hopefully the international ice hockey federation will soon find a permanent place on its candidate for this youth event and more countries will join but for now siberia is gearing up to host the next junior ice hockey club world cup ramon calls for an artsy homes. and that brings us to the end of the sport for the moment the weather coming up next. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world.
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we've got the future covered.
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the news of the week's top stories on our t.v. get off these remaining supporters put up fierce resistance in three libyan cities well the people of tripoli who still support the ouster colonel say they're gripped by fear and face repression. as nato seems ahead with fresh agreements on putting american missiles in eastern europe there are security concerns about the kremlin and a call for urgent it's. moscow in london with deals before differences to david cameron securing multi-million dollar contracts during the first trip wire british prime minister to russia in six years. plus peacekeepers in kossovo are high alert as ethnic tension in service breakaway republic reaches poorly.


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